Friday, March 16, 2012

Do You Have the Power?

Thursday:  ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 3 (oh yah-I felt it)
                 Jogging-5 MPH: 30 minutes

Friday:  Turbo Fire 30

Bet you thought I forgot.

I didn't.  Put the kid to bed last night and "POOF"-fell asleep myself, for a much needed nights sleep, on the couch.  Not the best place to lay at close to the kitchen on my way to bed. And its always for the sweets! So here in lies my next much will power do you have?

Some days-I'm all about the will power.  Unfortunately, some days, I am not.  The mornings/early afternoon are the best for me.  I can power past the donuts and all the sweets that they may have sitting around the office.   Once I hit about 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon, it starts to dwindle.  Certainly don't like it....but it is something I really do need to learn to come to terms with, otherwise, all the hard work I put in to my work outs and the beginning of the day are truly for nothing.

The concept of weight loss is simple:  What you take in needs to be less than what you put out.

I hear time and time again that people who sleep more weigh less.  And while that statistic may be true, I live in the real world, where time is a precious thing.  I work 2 jobs, I am an online coach with Beachbody, (something I truly believe in by the way) and I am a full time single mom.  If I tried to get the recommended 8 hours, there is a lot that won't get done in my life and in my home.

So, back to the initial problem, how do you fight the late night cravings?

Here are things I am willing to give a try (and I need to throw thanks to my friends that have helped with these-you know who you are.)
1.  A bowl of oatmeal
2.  Lots of Water
3.  Bowl of Multigrain Cheerios (the Peanut Butter are my new fave)
4.  Greek Yogurt-with some honey or agave and cinnamon
5.  A small dish of fruit
6.  Small portion of pretzels and Nutella (oh yum!!)
7.  Hot tea (Love a good peppermint or chamomile)
8. Frozen Bananas Slices (you'd be surprised how good that can be-and you can use them in a smoothie)
9.  A smoothie (low cal of course)

I also keep telling myself that perhaps a little late night yoga would be helpful in curbing those thoughts of snacking.  It's always high on the list until I get home and finally have that quiet time to relax and do nothing for a few minutes.

So-to all of you out there with the same problem, I would love to hear what you do.  And in the mean time-thanks for keeping me accountable.   This is something I am sure that  I get back on when I can finally win that will power battle.

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