Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Guilt

I did try to keep up daily with my blog.  I swear I did.  And now I feel guilty because I didn't follow through.

 It's hard trying to work 2 jobs, work to push forward with my Beachbody business, raise a kid, fit in my workouts, and all the other good stuff that goes along with life.

I have been doing ChaLEAN Extreme-with some Turbo Fire, and some running to keep up the cardio aspect.  I hit the gym for the elliptical if I can't do anything else.  In the 4 weeks or so that I have been doing it, I have gotten sick, which took me out of commission for a couple of weeks.  And now, do I move on to the next phase, or stick with the Burn phase one more week.   Some times my work & sleep schedule don't give me a ton of time to get some things done.  I still manage to do them, just not at the schedule I would like.

Here we are at the 3rd of April.  Am I where I want to be physically?  No.  Am I working on that?  Yup.  Could I be working harder, most definitely.  But lets face it, I have to sleep sometime-and wouldn't you know I feel guilty about that.  Stupid I know....but I do.  There are plenty of other things that could make me feel guilty, and to tell you the truth, they do. But, I am learning that sometimes what makes me feel guilty sometimes is what makes me a stronger person.  Give me something to think about.  Do I always make the right decision based on guilt.  Absolutely not.  At least not all of the time.  But it always does give me food for thought.  Something to build on to help me make a better decision.

It's like when you eat that cookie you know you shouldn't have eaten.  It makes you feel guilty. Right?  You worked so hard to push through that workout this morning, and poof-if you are me-you feel like it was all for nothing.  But I learn from that mistake, that guilty pleasure, and try to move past that, and remember that feeling for next time.  Is it really worth it?

Some of those things that make you feel guilty you have to remember are what help to keep you sane...that extra hour of sleep or that alone time (when you feel like you should be doing something else.)    Will I try to do a better job and keep this up....I am certainly going to try (and likely feel guilty when I get lax.)

The key is REMEMBER how you feel.  Was it worth it?

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