Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Listening To Your Body

Do you listen to what your body is telling you?  Do you think that certain things are just part of the normal day to day and something that you are just think you are going to have to get use to?

I think we are all guilty of that at some point.  I know I have been.  Some days I wake up in the morning in a bad mood.  I think it means nothing other than the start of what will likely be a bad day.  Or maybe you wake up with a sore back, and figure its time to pop another pill.  Or maybe its something that is happening to you throughout the day.  Your leg hurts, your head aches, your insides are constantly talking to you.

   RED FLAG!!!!  

Your body is telling you something....but usually we are just to blind, ignorant, or busy to see it.  You need to seriously look at what is going on in your body.  What can you do differently in your day to day that would make your body better.  We shouldn't always be reliant on pills and the quick fix to make us feel better.  Will they help you feel better-probably.  Will it be lasting?  Not likely.  So here comes the work!

1.  Sit down with paper and pen/pencil.

2.  What are the symptoms you are having? (Make this as extensive as you need to)

3.  What do think is causing them? (Again, make this as long as necessary)

4.  Is this something that you need to talk to you doctor about? 

5.  Get on the computer and start your research?

6.  What are the possible remedies?

7.  Get started to heal yourself!!!!!

For the longest time I had chosen to ignore what my body was telling me....but you have to remember, you body is a finely built machine.  This is what were given and where we will live for the rest of our lives.  We need to take care of it.  

Think about it this way-you wouldn't just pour water in the gas tank of your car because it would ruin it, and it won't run.  On that note, you shouldn't pour junk in to your body and expect it to operate in tip top performance.  Ever notice how you feel after a big lunch?   Probably ready to take a nap, right....should have stopped before when your body told you.

Over the last couple of years I have taken the opportunity to listen to my body.  I have ready up on what it needs, and should have.  I also know just by the packaging of certain things, what it doesn't need. (Doritos, Ranch Pretzels, butter loaded popcorn-you get the idea!)

Over probably the last year, I started noticing different things going on in my body.  I just wasn't feeling right.  I had been working out, but the energy was hardly there.  Getting out of bed was a struggle.  Digestion issues  were commonplace and something I embarrassingly thought I would have to live with.  Until I did just what I stated up above.  I started to notice that certain days were better than others.  I took those symptoms I was dealing with and started looking into the research I could find online, and have come to the conclusion that my body just can't handle the gluten like it had before.  Earlier this year I had tried a somewhat gluten free diet, but then I let the gluten back in, and low and behold, the symptoms returned.  I can't say that I will be perfect with this new lifestyle, but knowing how I feel today versus how I felt two days ago, I can say there is a vast difference.  Can't wait to see how  I feel in a couple more days.  

Luckily in today's world going gluten free doesn't mean no enjoyment from that which I used to eat.  It's a matter of adjustment.  If I know i am going to feel better, isn't it worth it instead of suffering through it?  Aren't I at least worth that?

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